Beaded Horseshoes

I was visiting my sister-in-law Carrie and she had a cool horseshoe decorated with beads hanging in the breezeway of her home. Although it was a gift to her, I loved it and thought I could whip up something similar (or even better!).

My cousin Beth owns and runs an equestrian center in Indiana (it’s amazing – check it out at: and I figured she would be a good source to get some used horseshoes. And she was …. the challenge however was getting a bunch of horseshoes from Indiana to Minnesota without paying a ton to ship them. Fortunately my dad was going to pay a visit and was able to transport the goods back home to me. Since my first request, I found it a bit easier to call some stables closer to home to see if I could get a supply of used horseshoes which has worked out well. Here’s what I did once I got them:

  1. Scrub any dirt, manure, etc. from the horseshoes. You can also buy new horseshoes, but I like used ones because they look rustic and have more character. I used water and a scouring pad to get off the big stuff. Let dry.
  2. Using 26 gauge wire, wrap it around the horseshoe at your starting point a few times and secure in the back.
  3. Continue to wrap the wire around the horseshoe, adding a few beads along the way. Get creative by using a mix of types of beads and sizes. You can choose a color theme, or mix it all up. You can also criss cross the wire to give it more interest. Keep doing this until you get the coverage you’d like. Once done, secure the end of wire on the back by tucking and wrapping under the other wires.
  4. To hang, depending on the horseshoe there may be nail holes you can put a leather cord through and knot on each side. If not, you can use a 15-18 gauge wire for the hanger, and use the smaller 26 gauge wire to wrap it around the upper part of the horseshoe to secure. You can use beads in these areas or add a charm as pictured on some of the examples.

You can get really creative with these horseshoes which make a cool decoration, or is great as a gift!