Scrabble Birthday Card

I made this birthday card for my amazing mother-in-law. She has been my Scrabble buddy for years, and our favorite thing to do is match wits over a challenging game with a glass of wine. She wins most of the time (she has the advantage of years of crossword puzzle solving, reading, and basic high intelligence), but I’ve been known to be a worthy foe. One of us generally uses up all of our tiles on a word (gotta go for those extra 50 points!) and we always learn something new thanks to the Scrabble Word Dictionary. Yes, we have been know to oppugn each other’s words on occasion (Oppugn: to contradict or call into question – worth 11 points), but it’s all in good fun. Truly, we are Scrabble nerds, and I can’t think of a better adversary!

For this card, I used my Cricut Air to draw the message (you can do the same thing and type on a regular computer), and used some fun paper in the background that kind of looks like Scrabble tiles. You can adjust for any age – just look up the point values for your letters online, or take a peek inside your own Scrabble game!